Sharing gourmet Colombian superfoods

Sourcing / Ingredients

Clear sourcing criteria

While we have been to many arms and production plants in Colombia and Peru, only a fraction are suitable to source to the U.S.

Product quality, proper communication, and quality control certifications have to be in order. There are some amazing farms with great superfoods, but not all are ready for exportation.

We spend quality time with our suppliers

With at least one company representative in Colombia at all times, we have control over the entire sourcing process (from ingredients, to packaging, to logistics) and do everything we can to make our clients happy.

  • Organic Panela Sugar

    Non-centrifugal sugar, a natural organic sweetener.

  • Goldenberry (Uchuva)

    An exotic fruit from Colombia that is high in fiber.

  • Camu Camu

    More vitamin C than any known fruit/plant in the world. This superfruit is packed with anti-oxidants.