Sharing gourmet Colombian superfoods

New ingredient: Spirulina

September 17, 2013 Matt Aaron

We are pleased to now offer high quality Spirulina: Check out our Spirulina Sourcing page for more details on our product.

Some fun facts from “Superfoods” by David Wolfe.

“Spirulina are freshwater-growing, alkaline-environment, microscopic algae that have been living on the planet since the appearance of life on Earth.”

“Spirulina: Is an algae superfood that consists of 65–71 percent protein (the highest concentration of protein found in any food) Is a complete protein source. It contains all eight essential amino acids, and eighteen amino acids in total.”
“Provided the primary protein requirements for millions of people in Mexico City for an estimated five thousand years!”
“Each gram of spirulina protein is four times more absorbable than the same gram of protein in beef.”

Natural Products Expo East

August 21, 2013 Matt Aaron

Valor Foods will be in attendance at Natural Products Expo East in Baltimore, MD at the convention center.

The expo takes place from September 25th – 28th.

Please contact us if you would like to meet up during the show and/or would like to have our new product samples delivered in person.

We would love to hear from you.

Trapiche – Colombian Panela Production

May 15, 2013 Matt Aaron

We had the chance to take a panela production tour in a small co-op town of Colombia.

The day started with the processing factory (where farmers bring their panela to be packaged and labeled) and ended up at a wonderful trapiche (panela farm).

Trapiche tour in Colombia

The term “organic” gets thrown around all the time. As Andres, who helps run the farm, pointed out: “Just because it is organic, doesn’t mean that they are taking care of the land.”

He showed that many farms are “organic”, but not sustainable as they don’t take advantage of recycling the by-products

One of the by-products of the panela process is molasses. The molasses is used to feed the pigs. The urine of the pigs and water by-products of the process are used to water the plants.

The sugar cane fiber by products are burned to generate heat in the panela cooking process. Nothing is wasted.

We highly recommend a panela tour; it is similar to the popular coffee farm tours that happen all over Colombia.