Sharing gourmet Colombian superfoods

Discovery and delivery of gourmet superfoods

You know your ingredients are good when you have to use all of your discipline to avoiding eating the samples.

Founded in 2012, Valor Foods develops products and sources ingredients from the Andean region of Latin America. Through travel and research, we discover plants, roots, fruits, and vegetables; exotic latin crops aimed for a healthier life.

There is a lot of misinformation in the nutritional foods and supplements business. Our answer:

1. Ensure product quality and consistency.

2. Send clients independent medical research on ingredients.

3. Tell clients to send all of that research to a doctor/nutritionist/health professional to get their opinion.

A growing company working together out of Maryland and Bogotá, Colombia.

What We Offer

High quality ingredients: We work with farmers, agricultural engineers, and food scientists who help deliver finished products without taking shortcuts. It is our responsibility to follow standards that optimize flavor, ensure sanitation, and maximize nutrient retention.

Fast response times: Yes, Latin America has a slower business culture. We emphasize with North Americans who can’t understand why someone would say “later today” and respond in 3 days, or not at all..

Anthropology: Understand the culture behind the foods. In order to obtain best research, applications, and recipes, start with the source. Then, form a story of the food that can be understood by another culture.

Transparency: Openness in how we obtain and manufacture ingredients, our collection of 3rd party research, and our internal operations is a strength, not a weakness. The more we share, the better informed the client is to make a decision or an improvment.

What we are against

Using refined sugar: Do your own research, but we don’t believe in “health drinks” infused with superfruits that have 30 grams of refined sugar. Yes, they taste great. But they are not healthy. Sugar blocks your body from absorbing the nutrients that you pay a premium for.

Exaggeration: Our nutrition facts labels indicate what the product really contains. Anyone involved in the industry knows that to pass the FDA standards, you must follow their labeling guidelines. What is often ignored is whether the quantity of nutrients listed is accurate. This is rarely ever tested. For more information, read NutriSearch Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements.